360 total security license key

Today  360 total security license key will be revealed here, Through which you guys can easily register your 360 total security for a lifetime.

360 total security license key

Here, Before I reveal 360 antivirus crack key. I need to tell you about some additional features of the new version of 360 total premium antivirus.

How does this 360 antivirus crack key register license key work?

Today I will be testing 360 total security premium license key. The antivirus the free version and this is not to be confused with Norton’s 360 security suite this is different. This is from q.who or kyu-ho.

360 total security premium license key free I’m not even sure how you say their name but again this is their free version and I do have a folder with a bunch of samples of malware 57 samples in total.

So we’re going to test this program against those samples now the procedure will be as follows in a moment.

I will enable the real-time protection we’ll let it sit for just a few minutes and see if it detects anything on its own after which.

we will run a system scan followed by scanning the folder directly. Then if there are any samples left over after that we will try to execute them and test to see if this serial key can’t stop them.

What are some features of 360 total security premium license key?

I would like to point out that if we go into the settings there is an option here underneath the active protection and systems tab to block or detect P ups.

Which I think is very important just because often users will confuse P ups with viruses they’re not viruses they’re adware and these are more common.

interface of 360 total security license key

Usually, what’s causing the issue when people think their computer is infected however today,

We’re not going to be testing against adware we’re going to be testing against malware all of those samples are malware related.


360 antivirus for pc download


360 total security license key:

Here are the 360 total security license key in the below 




How to use 360 total security license key?

  • Download 360 total security license key record first
  • Make an uncommon Reg organizer in a C index
  • At that point Unzip the fundamental records right now
  • Introduce a record and close this all
  • Likewise, open key generator record and press to create all
  • At that point Copy these keys and glue it
  • At long last, the full form is introduced



Is this compatible with windows 10?

Please note that Windows 10 is up to date we’re also going to just double-check our antivirus right now we’re going to check for updates.

It looks like we are up to date so at this point we’ll go ahead and enable our protection.

Security options of 360 total security:

Please note that we’re just going to use the balanced option in 360 total security license key this is the default option there is one step up.

Where you can go to security what it does is it enables the BitDefender scan engine and various scan engines now we already know what those can do so.

What we’re going to do is just stick with the balanced option for the moment.

360 total security premium license key free

we’re going to click on apply and then again we’re going to let it sit here for just a few minutes to see if it does or does not detect anything on its own all right a few minutes has passed let’s just double-check our samples folder.

I didn’t notice anything pop up and it looks like we still have all 57 items so at this point we’re going to go ahead and do a scan.

What happened when we do a full scan?

We’re going to do a full scan and we’ll let that run until completed and then we’ll be back here in just a moment with the results alright the scan has completed.

it looks like it detected fifty-seven results and so it does give us a list here of everything that was found and so let’s go ahead and just click on resolve and it looks like it did remove all of those let’s just double-check our samples folder it is empty.

My conclusion about 360 total security:

So just a quick recap we did start with fifty-seven samples of malware.

All of them were detected and removed with the full system scan and also keep in mind as far as the protection level.

I did leave it on balance so keep that in mind as well and also even though we had 100% detection in this test that does not necessarily.

Mean that 360 antivirus crack key will perform at that level in all types of tests again. This is just one type of malware test but it did do very well.

What free version provides us?

I’d also like to point out for a free program this actually does have quite a few options and features that you can use without even upgrading so that’s everything for this.




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